Thousands of products have been listed on YOHO. Wanna become the next favourite local brand? Starting selling your products on YOHO and reach millions of Hongkkongers now.

Why sell on YOHO?
YOHO is a pioneer and one of the leading players among the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce platforms in Hong Kong. It gained enormous popularity among consumers in Hong Kong, with over 2,290,000 monthly active users (according to data obtained in March 2022) and over 860,000 registered members.

Average basket value
HK$ 1,700

Monthly page view#

Monthly active users#

Online order rating*
8.9 / 10
#Google Analytics, March 2022. *customer review system, 31 Dec, 2021.

Social Support from YOHO
Y Incubator
Hong Kong Startup Support Programme
Aims to facilitate the eligible Hong Kong startups to widely promote their products on the Yoho e-commerce platform and reach a large group of potential customers with the exemptions of listing fee, annual fee and commission, by leveraging Yoho's leading position in the B2C e-commerce industry in Hong Kong and its extensive operating resources. Yoho is looking forward to joining hands with the startups to create more high-quality local brands for Hong Kong and realize innovative ideas together! Please click here for more details.
Y Charity
Hong Kong Charity Support Program
Aims to rally the kindness and efforts of all sectors of the city, facilitate local charitable fundraising activities and promote the development of digital philanthropy in Hong Kong by leveraging the Yoho e-commerce platform. The programme covers all charitable institutions and trusts granted tax exemption under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. The eligible institutions can solicit donations and conduct charity sales on the Yoho platform and no adminstrative fee will be charged throughout the process. Please click here for more details.
How it works?
 Simple registration
 Transparent and competitive fee structure
 No hidden fees
 Automatic deposits
 Secure transactions (We handle all transactions via secured payment gateways, no risks for sellers)
 Flexible fulfillment options (Merchants can fulfill orders on their own or use service providers recommended by YOHO)

Selling on YOHO

How do I start selling on YOHO?
Getting started on YOHO is quick and easy. You can reach thousands of customers with a few clicks. All you need to do is complete a simple registration. Our merchant support team will contact you as soon as possible.

How to register as a merchant?
The registration process should take you less than 15 minutes to complete. To ensure the quality of our merchandise, we will review each application thoroughly. Once the vetting process is complete, you will be able to access the Merchant Centre.

What can I sell on YOHO?
The possibilities are endless. Most product categories are open to all merchants, and some may require approval to sell. You need to select the product categories you wish to sell upon registration. You can explore the product categories in the Merchant Centre.

The product categories on YOHO are more focused on consumer electronics and home appliances. Generally, it is ideal to sell products that are:

・Complementary to existing products, such as skincare, cosmetics, health & well-being, household products, baby & mom, toys, pet products, sports & outdoor, groceries & specialties, etc.
・Of medium prices as the average basket value on YOHO is at HK$1,600-1,700, a relatively high level among e-commerce platforms
・Non-perishable, easy to package and ship

What can't I sell on YOHO? 
Products offered for sale on YOHO must comply with all laws and regulations and with YOHO's policies. Some products may require approval to sell (e.g. medicines, alcohol, tobacco and tobacco-related products). Contact our merchant support team for more information.

Are there any restrictions on the brands that I sell on YOHO? 
Customers cherish YOHO as a platform from which they can buy quality products with confidence. To safeguard the customers' shopping experience, we ensure the information about the products made available on YOHO is accurate and concise.

Products offered for sale must fall within the brand registry curated by YOHO. Upon registration, you need to select the brand(s) you wish to sell. Contact our merchant support team to request approval for selling brands beyond the registry.

What should I do if the approved product categories are not suitable for my products?
If you want to add new product categories, please request with our merchant support team. You should not list products that are irrelevant to the product category. Violation of our guidelines might result in account suspension.

Does YOHO limit the number of product categories I can sell? 
Yes. You should only sell products within the product categories approved. This policy is one of YOHO's commitments to safeguard product quality and our customers' shopping experience.

Can I open a shop as an individual seller?
No. All merchants must submit a copy of their business registration.

How many shops can I operate? 
At the moment, it limits to one shop per merchant account. Upon registration, you need to submit a copy of your business registration. You may not register more than one account with the same business registration.

Is there any penalty mechanism for selling on YOHO? 
YOHO takes pride in assuring a pleasant shopping experience for our customers. Some of the actions by merchants may result in penalties or account suspension. Examples include running out of inventory, failing to ship products within a designated time frame, incorrect or misleading product information, etc.

How do I list a product on YOHO Merchant Centre?
Listing a product for sale on YOHO is simple. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

・Make sure the product is in the relevant product category. It ensures that our customers can easily find your product.
・Name your products in the format suggested in the Merchant Centre.
・Provide an informative product description in both Chinese and English.
・Upload a relevant cover photo and at least 5 product photos and videos.

Your product's search ranking will be affected by the quality of the product name, description and photos.

Do I need to upload any credentials or certificates for my products? 
No. You don't need to upload any certificates. You are responsible for ensuring that the products you make available for sale comply with the rules and regulations. We expect all descriptions in your listings are factual, such as CE markings, whether a product is parallel-imported goods, etc. Nevertheless, YOHO may request the submission of credentials or certificates by merchants under certain circumstances, for example, when a customer files a complaint about the product description. 

Fulfilling orders 

How do I fulfil the orders? 
You will store and ship the products directly to the customers. You will be able to view the details of orders in real-time via the Merchant Centre.

What couriers should I use?
There are no restrictions on the choice of couriers. Generally speaking, you should consider the delivery costs charged by different couriers depending on the product dimensions or weight.

When do I need to deliver the orders? 
When you list a product, you are also required to select the fulfilment options and the respective delivery costs to be paid by customers. You are required to deliver the orders within the agreed timeframe.

Who bears the costs of delivery? 
In the current fulfilment model, merchants shall bear all delivery costs.

Do I need to set up any payment gateway?
No. YOHO handles all the transactions via different payment gateways. We accept payment via numerous channels, including credit cards, FPS, virtual banks, Buy now, Pay later (BNPL), etc.

Payment, return and exchange

What are the fees for selling on YOHO? 
We will only charge a fee (Commission + Payment Processing Fee) for a completed sale. There are no other hidden fees.

The commission fee will be directly deducted from the proceeds when an order is complete. The commission varies across different product categories. For detailed information, please log in to the Merchant Centre.

Payment Processing Fee
A standard 3.0% fee is charged for each completed sale to cover the payment gateway costs.

In addition to the usual payment gateways, more Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options are available if merchants choose to opt in. The payment processing fee for short-term BNPL is also at 3.0%, but it varies for longer-term BNPL. Contact our merchant support team for more information.

Does YOHO charge any listing fee or annual fee?
Generally speaking, YOHO does not charge for listing products. We strive to minimise the costs borne by our merchants so that our customers can always shop with a good bargain. If the current cost structure makes it impossible for us to provide the best services, we might have to apply such fees.

YOHO will review its payment and fees policy from time to time and will keep all merchants well informed of any changes.

Does YOHO require merchants to pay security deposits? 
Security deposits are not required for most scenarios. We value customer satisfaction and strive to ensure a pleasant shopping experience. If we observe increased risks or disputes associated with specific product categories, we may require security deposits.

How will I receive the sales proceeds? 
Periodic reports detailing the orders will be provided by YOHO. After deducting the fees, payment will be made to the designated bank accounts. It can take a few business days for your money to appear in your bank account after we initiate payment.

When can a customer request a refund or return?
Generally speaking, customers can request a refund or return within 30 days of placing their orders when they:

・Did not receive the order
・Received an incomplete or incorrect order
・Received products with physical damage

Please follow the instructions in the Merchant Centre concerning the refund and return process.

How do I handle customers' requests for refund or return?
You will receive a notification in the Merchant Centre when a customer submits a request. Customers are required to upload evidence, where applicable, and you will be able to view the relevant information via the Merchant Centre.