In Yoho, we believe in the power of innovation. Y Innovation is bringing the investment and strategic expertise to support young and innovative founders. We built an enduring business - and we’d love to help you accelerate your vision.

Who we are
Y Innovation is the corporate investment arm of Yoho. We support entrepreneurs and companies with tangible traction with our knowledge and expertise in the e-commerce space. Through strategic partnerships, equity investments or M&A, we work closely with entreprenuers that can add value to our business and accelerate innovation within Yoho.

What we provide
In addition to financial backing, Y Innovation is also a platform that drives innovation and explores alternative business models within the business units of Yoho. It opens new business opportunities and provides synergies to startups.

What we invest
Y Innovation is stage-agnostic, although we tend to focus on companies with tangible traction across Consumer, New Retail, Internet/E-commerce. We invest strategically and gloabally. Consumer brands or internet companies that complement our operations are desirable to us. Investment decisions will be made on the basis of financial upside and strategic values to Yoho.