Y Charity
Y Charity, the Hong Kong Charity Support Program of Yoho Group, aims to rally the kindness and efforts of all sectors of the city, facilitate local charitable fundraising activities and promote the development of digital philanthropy in Hong Kong. The eligible charitable institutions can solicit donations and conduct charity sales on the Yoho platform. No adminstrative fee will be charged throughout the process.


Yoho Group has always adhered to the philanthropic spirit of giving back to society and actively participated in and supported the Hong Kong community through diversified channels, including cash donations, product donations, volunteer services, etc. In addition to providing assistance to the grass-roots and vulnerable groups at the corporate level, Yoho Group is eager to shoulder the role as a promoter of community welfare by leveraging its advantages as a leading e-commerce platform in Hong Kong. Therefore, the Group officially launches its Hong Kong Charity Support Programme, Y Charity. Under the programme, Yoho Group allows over 10,000 charitable institutions in Hong Kong to solicit donations and conduct charity sales on the Yoho platform. The Yoho e-commerce platform serves as a facilitator to rally the kindness and efforts of all sectors of the city and promotes local charitable fundraising activities, to serve and support more targeted groups with different needs.

Y Charity covers all charitable institutions and trusts granted tax exemption under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. The eligible institutions can set up their own online stores on the Yoho platform to solicit donations and conduct charity sales. All proceeds raised on the platform will be transferred to charitable institutions and the Group will not charge or deduct any adminstrative fees throughout the process. The programme assists charitable  institutions in significantly increasing the audience reach of their fundraising campaigns and reducing their administrative costs by capitalizing on the Group's huge website traffic and customer base.  The programme also helps small-scale charitable institutions to enhance their popularity and fundraising efficiency. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has exerted notable changes in our daily life and expedited the digital transformation in various aspects of life. However, the development of digital philanthropy in Hong Kong has lagged. Yoho Group hopes to facilitate the digital transformation of local charities and the expansion of their fundraising channels through Y Charity. Meanwhile, the programme also offers Yoho customers convenient and flexible opportunities to participate in charitable endeavors at anytime and anywhere, demonstrating the innovative value of philanthropy and helping to build a caring and inclusive society. Charities who intend to participate in the programme should indicate in the merchant partnership form that the application is made under Y Charity. The applicant will receive an approval notification after the vetting process.