7-Day Manufacturer Defective Guarantee Policy

If the product is confirmed to have factory defects after inspection, the customer can replace the product with the same model within 7 days upon receiving the product (must meet the following conditions), and can only be replaced once per purchase. Customers must bring the products to the store to arrange inspection and replacement. Our role is a retailer, and the guarantee content and process are entirely depends on the brand owner or distributor.

  1. The packaging of the goods must be intact, without any damage or scratches;
  2. The serial number of the product (if any) must match the information on the invoice.
  3. If the replaced goods are not in stock, the customer can replace other goods of the same value.
  4. When replacing the goods, the customer must present a valid invoice, receipt, and an unfilled warranty.
  5. The product to be returned may be required to be inspected by authorized dealer to confirm that product has indeed failed to meet the manufacturer’s standards. In such case, Yoho have the right to request customers to directly send product to authorized dealer’s service centre for inspection.
  6. Some manufacturers require our company must receive the inspection paper issued by the manufacturer before replacing it for customers. Generally, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and large home appliances require the inspection paper to prove that no artificial damage.
  7. If customers require returns because the goods are subject to price fluctuations in the market, change of limited time discount offers, or/and software problems, this guarantee policy does not apply.
  8. Customers must return the gifts that were included with the purchase, otherwise we will need to deduct the value of the gifts.
  9. This replacement guarantee does not apply to:
  • Goods damaged due to accidental damage or negligence damage, and improper use of goods.
  • The screen is dusty, and with less than four points of bright spots/light spots/dead spots are not in the replacement range. The uneven backlight of the electronic ink screen is not in the scope of replacement.
  • Accessories of the products.
  • Goods which have no relevant invoice or/and receipt or/and unfilled warranty.
  • Registered software products.
  • Products that are damaged or/and scratched.
  • Products that have been registered for warranty.
  • A rooted mobile phone or electronic device.
  • Certain products such as Apple, Nintendo and Sony Playstation are only available for official maintenance and no replacement of new products by retailers.
  • Certain consumable products such as screen protection cover, cosmetics and skin care products, thermal water cups, etc.
  • If you encounter problems with wireless connection or APP operation, customers have to contact the brand or distributor for follow-up directly. Due to the large number of products, the connection method and the complex combination of devices, the frontline staff of our company cannot test whether the product quality meets the production standards. Common situations such as the router signal is not strong enough, the Bluetooth headset cannot be paired, and the APP cannot control the product, etc.
  • Large home appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. Some of which involve installation, brand owners or distributors have designated inspection and replacement procedures.
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